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Meet the Maker 23

 September 23 Top Tip or Advice This the talking to I gave myself earlier on in the year… Look (and envy) for inspiration but never compare and despair. You have … Continue reading

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Meet the Maker 22

Way back on June 21, before summer became crazy/dynamic, I was on the last stretch of Meet the Maker, insights into the person (yours truly) and the passion behind Ali … Continue reading

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Dynamic Summer

I was going to title this post “Crazy Summer” but let’s seek out the synonyms… Heady? Dramatic? Life altering…mmm…Dynamic! The fucking dynamic summer of 2019. In late June I began … Continue reading

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Letting go of door handles

I’ve yet to finish the Meet the Maker series, but it had to go on hold for a few weeks. I’m in the middle of commissions, setting up independence for … Continue reading

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June Meet The Maker 21

June 21 Throwback First of all…Happy Midsummer everyone (midwinter to you poor shiveries in the Antipodes!). Regarding my first piece (the one that was bought from me on the street … Continue reading

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June Meet The Maker 20

20 June 2019 Design Process Many pieces I make I already have a fairly clear image in my head of how it will unfold, which requires measuring and working out … Continue reading

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Purrsday Yogacat

Getting one mat out is an invitation to losing my mat and having Scottparker grabbing me in a headlock and rabbit-kicking me in the ear it during my attempts at … Continue reading

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June Meet The Maker 19

19 June 2019 Dream Collaboration While I haven’t fully considered any one particular jewellery collaboration, I would love to combine my work with that of an artisan fashion designer, either … Continue reading

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June Meet The Maker 18

June 18 2019 Mistake or Lesson? Aside from the obvious mistake-cum-lesson that time I didn’t bother butting on my safety specs and a claw of copper the size of god … Continue reading

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