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Meet the Maker 22

Way back on June 21, before summer became crazy/dynamic, I was on the last stretch of Meet the Maker, insights into the person (yours truly) and the passion behind Ali Matteini Jewellery. So much has happened, so much has changed in three months, I’ve been wondering whether or not to finish it.

But I will anyway.

There are 8 more to go.

September 22
Proud Of

I put a lot of pride into my work, alongside the passion, and have three pieces that I’m proud of.
Here they are:

In 2016 in Firenze at a workshop in Alchimia I chased this Persian Sphinx, under the tutelage of Fabrizio Acquafresca.



In 2018 I was commissioned by Ugo, a local restaurant owner, to set the (probably) 4000 year old carved carnelian stone.


My Lightning Flower ring series in gold and silver. The concept, design and creation of them burst into life while I spent 4 months in the first half of 2017 living and working in Firenze.


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