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June Meet the Maker 14

June 14
How I Learnt

I’m still learning! You never stop learning with art and jewellery. As mentioned on June 2: How I started, Ken Raffe was my teacher and mentor, but I’ve also attended various jewellery and art workshops over the years, and will continue to do so, topping up and refreshing my knowledge. The dream is to one day (within the next 10 years) study for my Master in Design in Milano or Firenze.

Here is my Biz:

Certificate in Fine Arts 1994
BCA UOW 2006-2009
Graphic Design UOW 2006/07
Pinhole Photography UOW 2007/08
Oil Painting UOW 2008/09
Diploma of Graphic Design 2010-2012
Private tutor and mentor Ken Raffe 1995 – 2012
Waterless lithography, drypoint, collagraphy, photopolymer – Printmaking Sisters, Bowral 2011 & Florence 2015 & 2016
Precious metal clay – Kathy Wong, Bowral 2009 & Berrima 2012
Reduction linocut – Tracey Miller, Bowral 2011
Stone setting refresher – Naomi Muirhead, Florence 2015
Chasing and Repoussé – Fabrizio Acquafresca, Alchimia, Florence 2016

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