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June Meet the Maker 11

June 11
Reducing Waste

In the studio almost everything is recycled or reused, and we avoid plastic as much as possible, and reuse where there is no other choice. Unfortunately, Italy is still a bit plastic-mad, and the companies we buy from (UK included) send their goods plastic-wrapped. Snap lock bags are reused, as it bubble-wrap, again and again. German companies send their goods in big sheets of recycled paper, which I then iron and reuse for printing and sketching.

In terms of the rest, much of what would be then waste I turn into art. I paint reclaimed glass jars, I reuse old particle boxes, painting them with gesso to use as canvas boards, and bubble wrap that has lost its puff for texture in the background.

The Wing below is made from old lino printing plates, aluminium lithography plates, plastic, recycled paper. 

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