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Changing Space in Studio Santa Fiora

During a May that feels more like a November, what better time to shift the exhibition round in the studio and do a little spring cleaning. And keep warm at the same time (I’ve run out of firewood!!).            

The change in the studio feels really positive. We removed the big L-shaped monstrosity of an office table and have opted for thinner benches. Still with velvet, which I loathe, but this is about working with what we have.

I brought the wing down and it presides elegantly over our work.


Monika’s recycled coffee pod necklaces and the glorious ancient wooden door.


Painted glass and lithographic prints.


The start of the window display (it’s gone through a number of incarnations since)



The brass table and my old bedside lamp actually getting a workout.


On the outside looking in. A little colour to splash through the drab grey security cage!

Still a work in progress, of course…as it ever is. But it’s a long way from the mish mash it was.


4 comments on “Changing Space in Studio Santa Fiora

  1. kimcannon16000days
    May 21, 2019

    It looks wonderful, velvet be damned. 😘

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  2. DashM
    May 21, 2019

    Beautiful, Ali!

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