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The End of the Word

Is it the end of the word for this little solderer? I have very little free time these days to post on blogs, and the rare stretch of free time I do have, I’d rather not be stuck in front of the computer watching the day tick away any more than I have to. There are things to hammer and solder. Geez!

While I remember well that it was writing that got me to Italy in the first place, my words have oxidised. It wasn’t an immediate change. I’d been living here a few years before I realised that I didn’t have to “apply myself to my creative writing degree”, that I could “cellar” the poetry and the 4 novels I’d NaNoWriMo’d out of my system and life would go on.  I recognise any writing I have done here in Italy (aside from content) was really only ever a form of therapy while being thrown between cultures/languages/cities. Reading over anything between 2012 and 2015 is either horrendously cringeworthy or makes me certain someone else wrote that stuff.

With all that in mind it doesn’t mean I definitely won’t write again in the future. For now what I do doesn’t allow me the physical time nor the headspace to write.

Simply put, the urge to create is now a visceral, physical one – dirty hands, fire and metal.

I’m happiest here:


2 comments on “The End of the Word

  1. kimcannon16000days
    March 15, 2018

    Mai dire mai, bella scrittrice! Your creative fire is beautiful to behold and it finds daylight in every way possible. The season may have changed but you’ll find time to write again!

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