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Lives Creative: Domi Saccardi, Silk Artist and Painter

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This week in Lives Creative we row through a river of every glorious colour on the spectrum with Domi Saccardi of Castel del Piano.

“…I’m predominantly inspired by the beautiful nature that surrounds me but also by the emotions that result from facts or events that have taken place in the recent or distant past…”


Domi began painting when he was a child, soon learning to love sketching with pencil and charcoal to create still life studies and portraits. He progressed to oil painting, focusing on figures and landscapes and, after having attended a three year art course in Grosseto, he realised his passion for painting on silk. Over the years he has held a number of solo and collective exhibitions throughout Italy and for several years sold his works from his shop in Arcidosso, since closed.
Additionally to painting on silk, he makes wall clocks using a combination of acquatint and dry point etching, as well as pyrography on olive wood.



Before he settles into the studio, Domi prepares for painting by first taking field trips in the natural world that surrounds his home, keenly observing and translating his environment onto paper as what he terms ‘expressionist sketches’, paying particular attention to the form and shape of trees, plants and boulders, and employing the colour of flowers.


Paesaggio Familiare

When he’s collected his inspiration in raw form he returns to his studio and prepares the raw silk, stretching it out as one would a canvas in traditional sense.  Letting emotion take the lead he creates his designs.


Fantasia dei Fiori

The silk’s softness and fluidity allow the subtle flow of one colour into another, creating intriguing effects. To delineate between colours he uses wax, which  acts as a colour stop by halting the flow of the dye.
Once the design has been made Domi fixes the colour by placing the silk in a machine, which steams it at 200°C for three hours.

DomiSaccardi7 copy


The resulting combination of lively subject matter, materials and media blend in a dance of colour and vibrance.


La Danza Dell’Amore

The silk used for artworks, scarves, cushion covers and cravats is imported from Germany and the colours specifically for use on silk are made in France and Germany.


Cravats and cushion covers

The dyes are water based and once fixed their colours stay true over time.
For the cravats, they are first unstitched and stretched out on a frame, painted and are then restitched after the fixing process.



Domi also worked as a registered nurse, and continues today in the complementary health sector as a practitioner of Ayurvedic massage and reiki. He devotes his spare time as a volunteer with disadvantaged children in Africa and India.


Domi in Africa

How to contact Domi

He currently has a number of his silk creations [including the cravats everyone should have!] on display and for sale at I Lobe You in Arcidosso.

His portfolio website.

Follow his Facebook page.

*Photographs © Domi Saccardi; Photograph of Domi in Africa taken by volunteer colleague.

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Image Alison Matteini ©

Image Alison Matteini ©

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